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Asbestos Attorney Comments on Wall Street Journal Article 
LK asbestos attorneysNEW YORK, New York, May 6, 2013 – Today the Wall Street Journal published an article1 discussing the subject of charitable donations by law firms representing victims of asbestos diseases in the medical community for research designed to advance treatments and care of mesothelioma in order to identify a cure to the fatal asbestos cancer. Your article contains a quote from Jerome H. Block, a partner while using nationally-acclaimed asbestos law firm of Levy Konigsberg LLP (“LK”) . Your article also discusses LK’s charitable contributions for mesothelioma research to world-renowned mesothelioma researcher Harvey I. Pass, M. D. Mr. Block, who devotes the vast majority of his law practice to representing asbestos victims, has achieved the very best ranking for legal skills and ethics, AV Preeminent rating by Martindale-Hubbell, and most definitely has also been selected upon the exclusive collection Best Lawyers in America in U. S. News and World Report, Super Lawyers, and also the National Trial Lawyers Association Top 100. 

Mr. Block issued listed here statement about today’s Wall Street Journal asbestos article : “I am proud becoming a participant in a law firm that for countless years has donated and continues to donate money towards mesothelioma research. My firm, Levy Konigsberg LLP has seen a lot of our clients and the families suffer from mesothelioma, a cancer caused only by asbestos exposure inside the United States. We're also proud that almost all of our firm has provided significant recoveries to our clients who suffer with mesothelioma, who, therefore, are put precisely to also donate towards mesothelioma research. You can be very happy in case the companies that caused this unfortunate legacy of disease in the following workers and the families would donate to top mesothelioma researchers and non-profits to ensure we could find more effective treatments as well as a cure involving this disease. Though the companies generally are not donating these funds. So, should a law firm like LK, who has got witnessed the horrific suffering our clients and the families more than twenty-five years, won't give money to mesothelioma research, then which will? There are quite a few firms that advertise themselves as “mesothelioma law firms”, yet hardly any have given significant funds to identify a cure to the disease. Because the article discusses, our firm has donated money to New York University to help you fund the ground-breaking mesothelioma research of Harvey I. Pass, MD. Last year, this research money contributed to the landmark study published inside the New England Journal of Medicine2 that identified, in 2011 for a first, a marker in human blood that could possibly manage to detect mesothelioma at an earlier stage when it is more treatable. We're gratified to view our firm’s name acknowledged for our particular contribution as important published article. Now we have also donated money in the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation (MARF) for countless years, because MARF is that the only non-profit organization inside the United States that turns its donations into research grants which might be selected by an independent scientific advisory board. In sum, a higher price is needed for mesothelioma research, not less. Law firms ought to encouraged to hitch our firm in donating money to mesothelioma research. We also invite companies who sold and profited from asbestos products to offer money to help you cure mesothelioma. It should take resources from all possible sources to ultimately locate a cure to the approximately three thousand those that proceed to be diagnosed with mesothelioma each and every year as a result of past exposures to asbestos products. ” 

Mr. Jerome H. Block, has concentrated his practice primarily on representing individuals with asbestos-related diseases, including mesothelioma, since 2001. His firm, Levy Konigsberg LLP has also been representing asbestos victims for greater than twenty-five years. The firm was recently named the 2013 Plaintiff’s Product Liability Law Firm on the Year by Best Lawyers and U. S. News and World Report. 

LK has a lot greater than twenty highly experienced and skilled asbestos attorneys, who definitely are licensed to practice law in various U. S. states, including New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, Texas, California, and Washington. With such resources and long-standing relationships throughout the entire country, the firm carries a truly national reach and has also been able to help you countless clients from all regions on the United States. 

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